1. Q. Can individuals sell their products on

A. Yes, any individual or business can sell their products or services on

2. Q. Do I have to signup for an account to sell?

Yes. You do need to signup for an account. Once signed up you can begin adding your products under the categories that fits your products.

3. Q. Can I sell any product or service of my choice on

A. Yes, you can sell any product or service of your choice, new or used as long as it is not harmful, vulgar, unlawful, or violates any applicable law or regulation.

4. Q. How do I signup on

A. To signup on, navigate to the top of the page. To the right of our logo, there is a signup button. Click the signup button and follow the instructions. See link to video instructions here.

5. Q. How do I set up a store on

A. To set up a store on, sign in to your account, select account, then click on store below the members area as seen in this video here.

6. Q. Can I auction my product like I can on ebay?

A. Absolutely. If you would like to have shoppers bid on your product, you would use the auction link and follow the simple directions.

7. Q How do I pay for the product I buy?

A. The seller should have instructions on how to pay. Credit cards, bank transfer or Paypal is sometimes used. do not collect payment from customers. The merchant does.

8. Q. How do I contact

A. You can contact us via Whatsapp or Email.  Click here to get to our contact page.

9. Q. Is there a fee to list my products?

A. All fees have been suspended. You can list your items at no cost for a limited time.

10. Q. Do I have to set up a store to sell my products?

A. You do not need to set up a store if you have less than 10 products for sale.

11. Q. How do I contact the seller I am buying from? 

A. The seller's contact information will be listed in their store or in the product description.

12. Q. Are the merchants located in Jamaica?

A. Yes. The merchants are generally located in Jamaica, however, you can check the merchant information before you buy.

13. Q. Is shipping available Islandwide?

A. Yes, Customers can also pick up products purchased if they are located in the same area as the Merchant if the Merchant offers that option.

14. Q. What is your return policy?

A. Return Policy is unique for each Merchant. Please check the return policy for each Merchant before you make a purchase.

15. Q. Is my Information safe on

A. Yes, We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to protect personal information about you.

16. Q. How do I delete my account?

A. You can delete your account at any time by visiting our site and login into your account.

17. Q. Do I have to delete my store if my products are sold out?

A. No, You can disable your store by logging into your account and selecting the option disable located on your dashboard below store.

18. Q. Can Customers give feedback on my products?

A. Yes, When Customers make a purchase they have the option to give feedback on your products.

19. Q. What do I do if there is no category that fits the product I wish to sell on

A. You have the option to custom create and use additional store categories of your choosing, Once created, they will be available in the "Select Categories" field in the Store Setup page." You can find this option by selecting Store in the member's area and choose custom categories. 

20. Q. Can I link my store to other social media platforms?

A. Yes, you can link your store to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, by selecting Account in the members area and then selecting Social Media.

21. Q. Can my customers send me messages on

A. Yes, to access your messages, go to the member's area then click on messages then inbox to view messages from customers.

22. Q. How do I know when someone makes a purchase from my store?

A. You will be notified via the email address you provided when setting up your account.

23. Q. How do I list products on

A. First you log in to your account and select sell at the top navigation bar, follow the instructions as seen in this Video.