In this section we will try to answer your most commonly asked questions.


1) Where are you located?

We are located in Clarendon, Jamaica. For more information or to contact us, please see our Contact Us page.

2) How do I pay for items I buy?

When you checkout, your merchant will give you options as to how to pay. These options are credit card, bank deposit, cash, app pay etc.

3) Do you offer purchase protection?

Yes. Yardydiamonds offer purchase protection for any product bought on our site, so you can shop in comfort knowing your money is secure. If you make a purchase via our site and your item does not arrive, we will resolve the issue, and if need be offer a cash refund.

4) How do I pay for the product I buy?

The seller should have instructions on how to pay. Credit cards, bank transfer or Paypal is sometimes used. Yardydiamonds.com do not collect payment from customers. The merchant does.


1) What are your fees? 

If you're a buyer there are no fees except the price of your item. If you're a seller, our fees vary depending on the products, prices and services you need. See our fees here. PLEASE NOTE ALL FEES CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

2) How does this work?

Very simple. You signup for an account and verify your email. Then post your item on our site at *no cost* and when shoppers are interested, they contact you.

3) How do you make any money?

We do intend to charge listing fees in the future, however, because the site is relatively new, the fees have been suspended. You can currently buy/sell/trade on this site absolutely free.

4) Do I have to signup for an account to sell?

Yes. You do need to signup for an account. Once signed up you can begin adding your products under the categories that fits your products.

5) All I have is one item, do i still need to signup?


6) Are the merchants located in Jamaica?

Yes. The merchants are generally located in Jamaica, however you can check the merchant information before you buy.

5) Can I auction my product like I can on ebay?

Absolutely. If you would like to have shoppers bid on your product, you would use the auction link and follow the simple directions