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Designer Collection

We sell used and new phones. If you need a phone just phone us. 

genus2 (1 )
Jamaica, Manchester

Random stuff such as phones, paintings, shoes and more that I have.

Sasha (0)
P & M Distributors

We sell a wide variety of items for all your electrical, plumbing, farming, cosmetics, mechanical and household needs all at wholesale prices, which start when you purchase three items,

Stacyann-Perkins (0)
Jamaica, Clarendon
Easy Sales

Buy any car. We take orders for any brand make or model. Cars take about 45 days to be delivered.  

wane (0)
Jamaica, Manchester

Trading Locally from around the globe.

LaurrelB (0)
Jamaica, Hanover

Sell & trade from a pin to an anchor

Queen (0)

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